Monday, March 28, 2011

Who doesn't love Legos???

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a fantastic time at the wedding yesterday. It was actually just a reception brunch thing- which was so much fun. So much yummy food! And I got to meet all of my fiance's other side of the family. It was really cute :)

Onward towards the post now!

I absolutely HAD to write about this creator because of the purchase I made last year for xmas. This was I think the best gift I gave to anyone. My boss at the time, whom I love, is OBSESSED with legos. Every year he gives people a lego made ornament (adorable) and he always asks santa for legos every year. Well, I searched etsy and found these AWESOME LEGO EARRINGS AND CASE! The etsy shop is called Bits and Badges.

When I gave my boss the gift, I thought he was going to start crying. He screamed. I got him a pair of black studs along with a cute little lego box holder to put them in. You have to see how awesome this stuff is...

When I purchased these, I was able to buy one get one free. So, you KNOW I had to go for the cute pastel pink ones. They are perfect to just add to any funky outfit. I love them.

Now, depending on where you are ordering these from- they are coming from the UK, so give them a little time to arrive. But trust me, they are SO worth the wait. Bits and Badges has the best stuff.

Now that I have told you about this amazing little find... I have to give props out to a couple of bloggers...they are so sweet, and doing a giveaway for Jewels for Hope. My mother is a loud mouth and she told them that I started my blog back up- so they mentioned me or put my button on their wall. I thought that was just the SWEETEST THING EVER!

So, Girly Girl Moments Blog. Please check out her blog and add her. She is the nicest girl! And I have to say- I love her style. I was browsing through her posts the other day and she has the funkiest haircut and I LOVED her post about bridal gear! READ HER! haha.

Next,Newly Crunchy Mama of 3. She also is doing a giveaway of Jewels for Hope products! She is extremely nice!!! My mother has been emailing her pretty much our life stories and she is still talking to us haha. READ HER TOO!!!

Now that I am finished screaming at my readers to read these lovely ladies' blogs, I think that is it for now haha. Happy Monday!!!!!


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  2. OMG THE EARRINGS ARE TOO ADORABLE! I love when people (like your boss) has a love for simple things like that. It's too cute!

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