Thursday, September 22, 2011

I got a job!!!

You are now looking (well, not technically, but you get it) at an employed woman!

Yes, you read that correctly... I am officially employed!

*sigh of relief*

I have been on countless interviews... some good and some bad... and this job was one of the good ones! I had the interview earlier this week, and ever since all I have been saying to everyone who will listen is... "I WANT THIS JOB!" The people there were so. incredibly. nice. 

It was refreshing to actually meet very nice people and not be scared to death uncomfortable with the interview.

I start on Monday. It's a part time position for now- but that is actually perfect for me... I get a steady income, work a couple of hours... and then I get time to work on jewelry and get ready for the GBK Gift Lounges for the Golden Globes & Oscars. WIN/WIN.

What is the job for, you ask?

A marketing assistant. Yes. Amazing. Finally getting some experience in the field I graduated from. I am excited to finally go back to work. and the best part?

I can now pay my bills. Well.... some of them. That's a start right?

Besides, when Jewels for Hope becomes rich and famous.. (yes, I'm saying "when" because it WILL happen <3)I won't have to worry about paying my bills or deferring my student loans (yet again..... *cough*).

So I hope you all put good, positive thoughts out into the universe for me on Monday morning. Hmmm... now... the big issue. What to wear?


  1. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll find the perfect thing to wear for your first day :)

  2. yay, congratulations!!! :D

    <3, Mimi
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