Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogging helps during the holidays!

I have to say thank you to all the wonderful blogs out there.

I have learned so much about couponing and fun websites like Superpoints and Swagbucks that help me get Amazon gift cards. I would have NEVER known about these sites if it wasn't for blogging.

So I feel it is my duty as a blogger to pass them on to you. These sites basically get you free Amazon gift cards for searching or referring people to their site. You don't have to use my links if you don't want to--- yes it would help me if you did lol but I'm actually not writing this post for that reason :)

It's a rough year for us here, financially. I think everyone is going through rough times right now. And I know if it wasn't for these sites above- or other sites like Ebates and ShopatHome (which have amazing cash back deals- how did I never hear of these sites before blogging????????)  I wouldn't have most of the xmas gifts I have to give right now. These sites are helping me give the ones I love some decent gifts. I wouldn't be able to give them anything if it wasn't for these sites.

So- feel free to check out all of these sites. They may help you too. I'm so grateful for the blogs out there promoting these sites---- and I know my family will thank you as well once they see the items I was able to get them <3

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