Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Things Are Happening!

Big Things Are Happening! Which is why I have been on and off with my blogging a bit-- but I promise, things will get better! I miss this outlet way too much to give this up. No matter how busy I get, I want to be able to write here and talk to all of my bloggy buddies.
So, since I am here right now for a short time in between tasks, I want to let you know some of the fabulous things that have been going on.

We are going to be featured in 2 Magazines!




Now, I don't want to spoil one of them because we haven't talked to the woman yet since both of our schedules are a bit hectic. And I don't want to jinx anything.

But, the other magazine is a go. We sent them an item for review that will be mentioned some time in March-- again, I don't want to spoil anything yet- so not giving FULL details lol... but I will give you the name--- This magazine is Lifestyle and Charity Magazine!

We are still in a bit of shock that we are having mentions in not one but TWO amazing magazines! Who would have ever thought?

Along with this great news... we also have been hard at work for our MTV Movie Awards items. Did I not mention we were participating in the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge?


We are making funky Swarovski Crystal Leather Cord Bracelets. A bit different than the Oscars Bracelets we created. We can't wait to show you! We should have some fantastic photos soon.. hopefully. We're working on it. LOL

Along with all of this- I have a big idea for a fantastic giveaway here on the blog... since we hit a big twitter milestone (over 3,000 fans!) and are close to hitting 4,000 fans on facebook! So stay tuned... more to come on this folks <3

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