Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Look Great & #Donate: @WeStopHate

We Stop Hate.

Three simple words, such a great incredibly strong meaning.

Jewels For Hope donates to this awesome organization- and it's one of our favorites. We Stop Hate helps stop bullying among teens and promotes strong self-esteem.

We were so happy to find this organization. My mother and I have always, always hated bullying. I know, myself personally, grew up being "different" from the "normal" teens. (What is normal, right?) Well... I think especially now, bullying has gone into overdrive for some reason and it has to end. Everyone is perfect in their own special way- and bullying should just stop. Period.

We Stop Hate was started by a brave, inspirational 17 year old girl, Emily Anne. The fact that this organization  was started by a teenager really (sorry for being redundant) is inspiring. My mother has actually emailed back and forth with Emily Anne about us donating to We Stop Hate- she is so sweet! We sent her one of our bracelets, and a nice surprise in return- she sent us one of her rubber We Stop Hate bands.

This organization really means a lot to us. I can't believe what kids are like now-a-days (I'm only 25, but still). Knowing what I went through in High School and then watching my 2 younger sisters go through highschool (at different times) makes my mind spin hearing what happens. People really are cruel to one another for no reason. We must Stop the Hate.

If you have some time today- check out this organization. I would suggest Liking them on Facebook or Following them on Twitter too-- they always post great quotes, pictures, everything really.

Stop the hate <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I think it's great when teens show iniative in something like this. I know what you mean about how much teenagers have changed. I'm turning 29 next month and it's way different.