Monday, June 18, 2012

Stacy London and The Westfield Style Photo Shoot!

I am addicted to Twitter. 

I admit it, I can't help it. I love it. I love going on Twitter and seeing what's going on. My Twitter addiction worked out extremely well for my mother. I entered her in a TweepStakes from Westfield Style, Style for Hire, and Stacy London, Queen of Fashion!


Sandy was chosen as a very deserving mother and one of the winners to be featured in the Fall 2012 Westfield Style Magazine!

Stacy London (whom my mother and I just love!) picked her specifically. *squeal*

We (yes, I say "we" since I sure as hell was going with my mother for support lol) had to go to NYC for the fitting and the actual magazine shoot. It was amazing. All of the women at Westfield Style and Style for Hire were just awesome. They were extremely nice and answered all of our questions. My mom was the center of attention during the fitting- just being herself and laughing away as normal. 

We gave each of the stylists a little thank you bracelet from us. We were just so so happy - we had to give them something as a Thanks!

On Tuesday (the fitting) we also met someone special. Yep, Stacy London. 

She was SO incredibly nice to us. Gave us huge hugs- talked to us- was just super sweet. My mother made her two very special Cancer Awareness Bracelets.

Thursday was the shoot. 

Doesn't Stacy and my fabulous mother Sandy look so pretty!!!!! This was right before they started shooting my mother. I'm just so happy my mother didn't start crying and ruin her makeup haha (it was close!)

Now... to the beginning of the day.....

It was hectic, fast paced, and all around- awesome. I loved every single second of it. 

Here is myself, my father, and my mother. So cute!

After our coffee, it was time for hair.

And now a little bit of makeup.....

Work work work!

My mother is gorgeous as it is- but all this primping had a pretty amazing final result:

She looks great here- jammin to Donna Summer!

And the fact that Stacy is rocking our jewels..... I'm still in shock!

Don't they both look great!!!!

Best Day Ever. 

So the moral of the story? It's okay to be addicted to Twitter :)


  1. This is just so awesome!!!! Sandy deserves to be pampered!!!!! It makes me want to cry!!!!! I am so happy. Plus she looks so beautiful!!!!

    I told Danie and she was so happy and said REALLLLLLLLY!!!!!

  2. This is so exciting! I am so happy you had a fabulous time!! And the pictures? Worth a thousand words! <3