Saturday, November 2, 2013

National Caregivers Month Giveaway

November is National Caregivers Month. In honor of all of the caregivers out there, we wanted to have a special giveaway just for them.

My mother, Sandy, started Jewels For Hope when she was a caregiver to my grandmother. November is always a very rough month for my mom now that my grandmother has passed away. November was a rough month for her.....My mother wanted to do something for all of the caregivers out there now- to try and make them smile. Just a little something to say thank you for what you do.

If you know a caregiver or if you are a caregiver, please enter the form below. We will be giving away 4 pieces of jewelry to 4 different caregivers.

***We hope everyone who enters is truthful about being a caregiver or entering for a caregiver they know to give them this gift ***

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  1. What a very generous offer. I make my own jewelry so even though I am my husband's caregiver instead I would love to win one for a friend who is the caretaker for her extremely autistic child as three other children. She amazes me on how well she handles everything that is added to her plate as well as attending college to get her Masters.

  2. Hi Shaiha,
    Thanks for entering and sharing your story/your friends story here. We just want to say Thank You to all the caregivers out there. Good luck and hope to see your name generated :)

  3. What a beautiful thing you are doing! I have a very dear friend who has been caring for her husband with Alzheimer's for 15 years now. He is declining very rapidly now and she could really use a lift. You do so much for so many worthy causes - thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Love your jewelry :) I've been a caregiver for my grandfather for 5 years now and just entered.