Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jewels For Hope on NBC's Night Shift

A ton of big things have been going on for Jewels For Hope, since my last time writing. I really need to get back into the swing of things here with my blog! So, to go off with a bang, I figured my first post back will be about something MAJOR!

Jewels For Hope is proud to announce that our jewelry was featured on NBC's The Night Shift!

Yep. How cool is that?

We worked through The Artisan Group to send one of our bracelets and the stylist of the show then contacted us directly to make a completely different, special piece, just for the show.

Here was the piece we created...

Created with Wood Beads and Orange Cats Eye Beads on a Tan Cord with a Button enclosure. 

It was shown on March 16th's Episode!

It was worn on the "bad guy" of the episode. I think it looks great on him! It was so exciting to see our work on Television!

Something even more exciting? One of the main actors of the show, Brendan Fehr (whom my mother and I have both loved since his Roswell days) actually wrote back to me on instagram after "liking" the photo!

"I'm glad you shared that because it gave me an opportunity to feel good, and not for myself, but for you, your mother, and your business, especially your business giving back. Thank You."~ Brendan Fehr, actor; The Night Shift

 Isn't that so sweet, what he said? It made me love him even more!

In honor of this awesome occasion, we want to offer 15% off this special Bracelet with code THANKS15


  1. What a great feature for your line! I hope the news of your work continues to spread.

  2. How very exciting. That was so nice he took the time to respond to your post on instagram.

  3. That is SO cool! I love it when I see something on a show that I have or that I even have seen while shopping, or recognize the brand. Also very cool that he wrote back on Twitter!

  4. This is wonderful, I always enjoy reading about your successes with Jewels for Hope! I also love Brendan from Roswell, I LOVED that show!

  5. What an awesome spot for one of your products to appear. That's a gorgeous bracelet.