Thursday, July 9, 2015

Consumer Gifting Event

Over the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to get to represent The Artisan Group at numerous events. I have done 3 press events so far and continuously I am amazed at the products TAG has on display.

I love being able to "talk up" these artists to members of the press. Everyone always LOVES The Artisan Group's swag bags that are given out and I feel a little squeeze in my heart when I hear the sweet words everyone says about the quality of products TAG has.

So today, I'm going to show you some sweet items from the event.

1.   Lit & Co Candles

I cannot rave more about these candles. I basically made every member of the press smell their gingerbread candle. Seriously.... I think by the time each member left our table everyone wanted cookies. I couldn't help it- it smelled SO GOOD. Not too overwhelming but still that delicious gingerbread aroma... here I go again. I can't stop with this candle!

2. Hennel Paper Co.

I'm a sucker when it comes to greeting cards. Tons of members of the press commented on how much they loved the "Happy Everything" card. I totally agree. I know I love sending out cards and think that one is perfect-- not even just for the holidays. I feel like I might get that just to send out all year round, to give my friends a little smile.

3. BBT Style 

I am so embarrassed by this photo. Melissa, if you are reading this, I am so sorry! I didn't realize I cut a portion of the top of this STUNNING head piece out. Really, this picture does it ZERO justice- so if you're looking for great headbands, go to her site!!!! Now... I will say- SO many people were instantly drawn to this headband. They loved when we told them how BBT Style was featured on The Voice as well as Pitch Perfect (1 & 2). The bling of this headpiece is a real showstopper and everyone wanted to come by to look at it (it was even chosen as the display photo for the event by the event photographer! That photo should be out soon :) ).

4. Rosy Toes Designs

Badass. That is the best way I can describe this messenger bag. This felted dragon print on the back of this bag absolutely amazes me. Members of the press kept coming up to the table in awe about how this is done. I totally agree. I don't have that kind of talent and this craftsmanship is just perfect. A couple of the people thought it would be the perfect Ipad carrying case and were really intrigued by this design.

5. Zoe and Piper

Simple, delicate jewels. Members of the press loved how simplistic these designs were and a bunch of them actually recognized this brand from social media presence. Personally, not only do I love the jewels but I love the branding and display they set up. It looks so neat and elegant, I think it was the perfect way to showcase these beautiful pieces.

6. Bison Booties 

No matter what drew you to our table, whether it be the gorgeous jewelry, the fun dragon bag or just my sparkling personality (yes, that's right).... THESE BOOTIES WERE PICKED UP. No matter what- everyone touched these adorable little things. Everyone thought how perfect these were- super soft, precious little booties. The best part about this is that they can be made in any size. Yes. Adults too.  Stephanie, my partner at this event is a bit obsessed with these and I'm pretty sure she'll be ordering herself a pair. Who wouldn't want a cute pair of booties like these?

7. House of Matriarch 

This perfume is heavenly. Not too strong and honestly perfect for both men and women. One of the members of the press wanted to actually walk away with it he loved it so much! It has a woodsy smell but not overpowering. It really was the perfect scent. And this display? So cute! Love the wood block it's all on. Really brought everything together in my opinion.

8. Jewelry by Andrea
These jewels are right up my alley. I personally love anything with a tassel- so when I saw this design I was instantly in love. So were members of the press! They loved the boho vibe of these pieces! I think they all agreed with me - the show stopper of these items is definitely the tassel piece! Don't get me wrong- each necklace is stunning- but I think everyone's eyes darted to that gorgeous blue and gold combo. Beautiful.

BONUS: Sassy Belle Wares 

My girl Stephanie from Sassy Belle Wares worked with me at this event. This was my first time meeting Stephanie and we instantly clicked! I had the best time at this event, promoting TAG items and getting to know her. This piece is one of her designs that I love so I just had to show it off!

Press members that came to this event said nothing but nice things about TAG. Most of the people who stopped by already heard of TAG and kept saying that this was their favorite stop. As usual... TAG knocked it out of the park! So honored to be a member of this group and represent them at on-site events.


  1. Stevie, THANKS for a great day and making my first event so easy! It was a pleasure to work with you and represent all the amazing TAG members!

  2. Oops, hit enter too quick! And, THANKS for sharing my Shine On bracelet!