Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thirty, Flirty, and Fabulous

I turned 30 towards the end of 2016. The big 3-0. I still can't really believe it. My youngest sister just turned 23 earlier this month and that even shocks me. For my 30th, I really wanted to do a cute photoshoot (on a budget) and my family helped out so much! If only anyone else saw this madness, they would think we were crazy. 

We were all in the back yard, moving around a sheet for me to sit on, accessories and cameras trying to find a way for me to look pretty and poised without looking like a hot mess I was just a random person sitting in the grass. 

My sisters and parents were all trying to make me laugh, while taking photos of me sitting there grinning like a weirdo. I had rose petals (which were flying everywhere), bottles (which didn't show up in most photos) and a random bag in the background with a sash folded randomly over it. 

I have to say though... Even though it does look quite a bit like a hot mess, I love the picture I went with. My dress and hair look great if I say so myself, and I picked the perfect necklace to match it all ( it even sold out on our site... so check out the Ironman Pendant we have in it's place!)  

Have you ever done a faux photoshoot for yourself? Did it come out as you expected? I personally think mine, being  bit hectic and crazy is exactly how it should be. My wackjob family, running around trying to make my vision come true... I wouldn't have it any other way.

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