Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Job Update

So I know you all are just dying to hear about how my new job is working out for me.


Yes, it is. I absolutely love it. I couldn't be happier.

It is a complete 180 from my last job. I don't have a phone! That is the best part! I don't have to worry about countless customers calling me up and making fun of my name. Saying I should be a man. Saying my parents must be disappointed. Asking me repeatedly to spell my name, because there is no way there is a woman named Stevie. NO MORE OF THAT!

I get to deal with surveys and social media! Um, hello? I love social media. That is what I'm doing for Jewels for Hope... so now to actually have a STEADY income doing what I love- amazing.

My bosses are great- they are so nice and easy going. They actually trust me and don't have to "monitor" me like at my previous job (I actually am very trustworthy- my last job monitored everyone lol so don't get the wrong impression).

It's so refreshing to actually like what you do. I am so happy I have this job. The hours are in the morning, so it still gives me plenty of time to work freelance for the deli still and to do everything for Jewels for Hope. WINNING <------ yes, I am embodying Mr. Sheen right now.

So yep. Everything is falling into place. Now my next goal? For Jewels for Hope to become famous. Let's make it work, folks. <3

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  1. congratulations, stevie! i'm glad for you. it's such a relief to be doing what you love- it's a rarity :) you're lucky! x