Saturday, April 21, 2012

Check out @PopCosmo for Great #Teen #Trends

I love Twitter. It brings you in contact wth so many great people that you would never meet otherwise. I love how you can come across great causes, companies, events, everything!

We came across PopCosmo, and I am so happy we did!

"Popcosmo is the savvy teen’s trendspotting source. We bring teenage girls everywhere the latest in fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle and will be coming to a city near you soon!"

This website is all about teen trends, fun products, great teen fashion and also important topics that should be covered with Teens... like Teen Dating Voilence,  being in the middle of Friends' Arguments, and The Top 5 Exam Stress Busters!

We love that there is a place online that covers everything for teens. Really.. when I was a teen (which wasn't tooooo long ago *cough cough*) I wish there was something like this out there for me. This is a great resource for teens.

Well, you know how one of our favorite causes we support is We Stop Hate (which helps build teen self-esteem to stop bullying), so anything that is helping teens with important topics (and also the fun stuff) is soemthing we just love. We are actually in the process of creating some fun bracelets for PopCosmo! Since this is an organization we definitely can get behind.

And.. another fun fact about PopCosmo is- it's a mother/daughter run company! Yes! You know how we just love those too.. for obvious reasons!

I cannot wait to show everyone what we have come up with for PopCosmo. We got some new beads in, that we just love and think they are perfect to brighten up any teen (or adults) day.

Stay tuned for more info! We will show you some pictures within the next couple of weeks :)

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