Monday, January 30, 2012

Leading Moms In Business Competition

My mother signed up for a Leading Moms in Business Competition from StartUp Nation.

This would be great exposure for our company... and also I would just love for my mother to win. She deserves so much and I think it would give her a real ego boost.

She always thinks that since she didn't go to school for design- that some people feel she isn't a "real" jewelry designer. I think she is AMAZINNGGG at jewelry design and is such a great teacher! I would love for her to start really believing it.

My mother has done so much for so many that I think this would be wonderful if she won. She doesn't get any money, or any prizes- just some good ol'fashioned recognition. Which she deserves.

So please, feel free to read the description from my mother- and if you believe she deserves a shot- vote for her.

All you need to do is CLICK HERE and click the Vote Now Button. No sign up. No emails given. Just pressing a button.

Thank you all for voting- in advanced! 

Isn't my mom so cute!!! LOL 

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  1. Just stopping in to let you all know that I voted and good luck :)