Friday, January 13, 2012

Look Great & #Donate! JewelsForHope Gifting Necklaces at GoldenGlobes GiftLounge #GBKGlobesGiftLounge

The time is finally here! Our long journey into making 100 items for the Golden Globes Gift Lounge is here! Today and tomorrow is the GBK Gift Lounge for The 2012 Golden Globes Nominees & Presenters.

My mother and I can't sit still. We are across the country- but we still feel the excitement as if we were right there!

Our items will be featured in The Artisan Group's swag bags as well as on display in their exhibit! Here is our one of a kind specialty necklace on display- we created this piece in the same color-code as one of the causes we support, Breast Cancer Research.

All of our 100 items featured in the swag bags will be color coded to represent all of the amazing organizations we support. One below represents Hospice. 

We are so thrilled to have our items in this Gift Lounge. This has been a dream come true for my mother and myself. 

Now, for the big moment.... I have some great photos to share with you FROM THE EVENT! Yes, our amazing reps at The Artisan Group gave us some photo updates that I am dying to share with you!

This is our exhibit!

You can see our stand in the top left hand side! Doesn't this all just look gorgeous! Oh, Valerie (TAG's founder-Left) and Nikki (TAG's founding partner-Right) did such an amazing job organizing this!

Stay tuned this weekend for many updates! The gift lounge goes until tomorrow night!!! And to follow along on twitter be sure to use this hashtag: #GBKGlobesGiftLounge


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  1. BEAUTIFUL,BEAUTIFUL!!!! and several charities are already benefiting from your talent and generosity.