Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jewels For Hope featured on WFSB News Channel 3!

We were featured on WFSB News Channel 3!

We were contacted by them after our article in the New Haven Register! They actually contacted us! We were so excited about that.

We were supposed to meet last week and they rescheduled saying they'll call us this week. We were pumped. We have gotten so much press from The Oscars that we are still going ga-ga over it!

Well.... WFSB's Dan Kain called us at 12:00 in the afternoon yesterday.... saying he was coming at 1:00.


Only. One. Hour.

I kept saying that the entire time I was speeding home from my job. Yep, I was at work at 12. That means I had LESS than an hour to get ready.

The interview went amazing! I was able to throw on some cute clothes... get my hair out of my messy bun and restraighten it a bit... and throw some makeup on.

Funny thing? I think I looked the best in this interview than any other one. Maybe I should only take 15 minutes to get ready from now on... yea right. LOL

Oscars Gift Lounge is in 2 DAYS <3 YAY!

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  1. Hi Stevie, Great article. I will use in my giveaway piece! Also, you can embed that video right into this article or on your website...they have the embed code right there...You DID look beautiful..I adore the relationship between the two of you!!