Friday, January 15, 2016

GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge; The Products

In case you've missed my previous couple of posts on the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge... Check them out here! I am on to part 2 of the products round up gifted at GBK's event through The Artisan Group. If you're looking for handmade gifts.. these are the ones to go to!

All the female celebrities went crazy for this tassel necklace! They thought it was so fun and hip. The necklace looked great on everyone who tried it on- it's like the sisterhood of the traveling pants; everyone can wear it! 

CAN WE TALK ABOUT THESE CLUTCHES!!!! Yes, I needed all caps for that. These bags are too freakin cute and I felt like they were calling my name the entire event. Marsai Martin from Blackish loved the pink sequins one (I mean, what young lady wouldn't?) - she ran straight towards it at the event.

Can we talk about my obsessions with body butter? This one=amazing. So smooth and creamy, everything about it is perfect. Amirah Vann felt the same way. The instant I said body butter to her she was all about it. Had to come on over from across the table to look at it. 

This display was a huge hit! The men loved the black beaded bracelets on the right (Johnny Ortiz kept eye'in them!) and the women loved the tassel necklace. Personally I also love this display. It wasn't over the top and just showcased the jewelry beautifully!

I love the simplicity of these pieces. Even though these (gorgeous) rings are meant to be men's rings... they fit my chubby little stubs and I absolutely adored them! A lot of the female celebs like the rings as well. Zoe Bell also loved these rings, but didn't have a manicure so she didn't feel comfortable taking a photo with them. 

All I wanted was to steal this beard balm for my boyfriend. The men lovedddd it (they also thought this display rocked)! Even the GBK workers came up and kept looking at this display. All the men kept coming back and looking at it, haha it was cute! Big hit!

These cuff links were a big success. Everyone loved the design on them and the men seemed to flock to them. Mark Ballas loved them! I personally loved that it was a matching design for the woman's necklace and men's cufflinks. Great work!

Always a favorite at these gift lounges! Soapy Bliss's cupcake soap was such a hit. And everyone lovveeeddd the bathtub display. Whenever anyone stopped by the table they would ask what is that amazing smell..... it was these bundles of joy. Seriously, one of my favorite products!

Amazing stuff right? I'm telling you... if you have any gifts you need to get in the future - check these shops out. Everything is handcrafted with the best quality and is just oh so pretty. I kept telling all the celebs how lucky they are to get all these products!  

I swear, one day, I'll have the expendable money to buy all the items in one of these gift bags - so I can have a TAG bag all to myself.... *one day* haha. Until then, I'll just continue to write about these great products.

If you head over to all these shops and buy some of the products- tell me! I wanna know how amazing they are and live vicariously through you. I promissse you will not be disappointed!

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