Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Opinion on pearls? Personally, I love pearls. My favorite are swarovski pearls. I'm big on colors, but a gorgeous white pearl necklace will always make my heart melt.

My mother makes a lot with pearls. They're kind of "her thing". I love when she makes them, it's a lot easier then me running to the store to get jewelry for the night.

I feel most of her stuff would be great for weddings. Which, is a good thing since my father started an entertainment company (link posted to the right!). We have a display in his office. All the brides that come to meet with him get to see the gorgeous crystals and beatiful pearls. I feel they would be perfect for any bridesmaid gift, or even for the bride to wear herself.

My friend is in the procees of planning her wedding. I'm debating on giving her a necklace as a gift. I think it would actually mean more (of course I will get her another gift also, but this just adds a little something).

So to start with my original question, after babbling on for 5 minutes...

Pearls...are they in or out?

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