Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We'll discuss me for a bit...

So. I decided this post will be a little more about me! It is my favorite topic, so I may as well discuss a bit.

I'm a girly girl. I love clothes, love fashion, love pink. Most people gag when you hear that. I would too. But it's me. and I rock. Not sure if you can tell or not yet, but I tend to take way too many pictures wherever I am. That's probably why with very post I do, I have to put some sort of picture with it. I have a snapfish account which has about 3-4 thousand of my pictures on it. I'm addicted to photos. Below, you'll see me! Yep, that's the woman behind the writing folks. I'm sporting a cute zebra print top from Express and a one of a kind Playboy Bunny Pic Necklace (made by my mother of course!).

I get into a lot of different hobbies. I make jewelry (who would have thought!) and I decorate cakes. I LOVE to decorate cakes. I love coming up with new designs. Next week I plan on making my sister a zebra print 2 tier birthday cake with purple icing. I'll post pics, don't worry. Below you get to see a couple of my older creations.....

I just love making things look pretty. They may not always come out perfect (what ever does?) but i absolutely love it. Most of my friends thought I was crazy to start decorating cakes and making jewelry. It doesn't matter to me if people think I'm nuts (and most do); I just do what makes me happy. Why should I hide my passions to make someone else happy? That isn't what life is about for me.

Well, back to work I guess, ha ha.


  1. Nice to see a photo of you :-)

    - and I think you really have the right idea - be proud of your passions, your 'girliness' and especially your creativity!

    I too love to make things look pretty (the world needs people like us! lol)

    Those cakes look great - keep the photos coming!

  2. Wow, your cakes are amazing! So fun and pretty! Love seeing a picture of you too - great pic and I love the zebra print top! :)