Saturday, April 15, 2017

Charity Creations at Coachella

Yes, I may be across the country but we can still talk about Coachella fashion. I love everything about the outfits we see at Coachella. Everything that has a hippie, free spirited, rock and roll style, I'ma bit obsessed with. Once spring hits I'm always rocking a stack of beaded bracelets, choker necklaces, or tassel jewelry.

Yep, my chubby little fingers still look good in this shot of our new Buddah Bracelets (perfect for Coachella, right? If only I was there...)

Even though we are not there to physically celebrate the festival, I am happy to say our charity creations are. We connected with this very sweet actor on Instagram, Bret Green. He is currently staring in CBS's show The Inspectors! Along with being a great actor, Bret takes gorgeous photos - be sure to check out his Instagram account to view his work. While you're there... take a look at his style, you may see some charity bracelets that look familiar!

Doesn't Bret look great in these photos? Go check out his Instagram to see more of his wonderful shots.

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