Sunday, April 2, 2017

Orange is the New Black #MeredithVieira

No, not the TV show. Orange really is the new black. At least when Meredith Vieira is involved. 

Meredith, such a wonderful woman, has worn our Orange Charity Bracelet numerous times over the past couple of years. We were lucky enough to meet her when we were participating in an event run by the National MS Society.  We gave her this special bracelet we created just for her (that also donates a portion of the profits to the National MS Society), and her reaction was actually caught in some photos. She looks so happy to receive it, and for that we will forever cherish. 

Since that event, she has worn it on TV, during interviews and more!


Perfect for the summer, this Orange Charity Bracelet will surely pop and bring some sunshine to your wardrobe.

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