Friday, April 21, 2017

Forget the Unicorn Frappacino... Bring Unicorn Magic with You Everyday

All I have seen over every social media platform is the Unicorn Frappacino. My sister, a current Starbucks employee, has been talking about them, I see them everywhere, basically - in my opinion- everyone I know wants to be a unicorn.

I don't need those calories. So instead, I'll dress like a unicorn (at least with my accessories).

Our beaded charity bracelets are the perfect way to show unicorn spirit without drinking a 500 calorie beverage (I mean, really... who has the metabolism to plow through that?).

I wear this pink beaded bracelet almost daily. I love anything neon and bright and think it will really pop once I have a nice tan going. 

Have you broken down and tried the Unicorn Frap? Was it worth it? 

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