Sunday, April 9, 2017

"I'm Where I'm Meant To Be"... #Tangled

This past year I planned my own magical Tangled moment with my sisters and our boyfriends. We planned a trip to the Rise festival in Las Vegas... to see the floating lights. For all of you Tangled fans out there, you know I'm referring to a lantern festival.

We planned this trip for months... my sisters and I have a love for Tangled (what, don't most 30 year olds watch animated movies?) and when we heard of this festival we knew it was something we had to experience. 

The time had finally come to fly to Vegas and head out into the dessert for this wonderful moment. Obviously, I get sick the night we land and almost missed the festival completely. After chugging a bottle of pepto (eww) and walking around with a cold compress on my head (yea, I looked great)... I ubered out to the dessert with my man and met up with the rest of our group who got to the festival on time. 

I will forever remember this night. I was sick as a dog, holding on to my man for dear life as we walked a mile through the dessert to find my sisters in a sea of thousands of people. I finally got to my sisters and started to cry, tears of joy. I made it. This was it. The sight of those two beauties among this wave of floating lights will be an image burned into my mind forever. As I'm writing this I'm starting to tear up. I felt like I was Rapunzel at this exact moment. 


Us. Among the floating lights. This was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I may look horrendous in the photos, but I didn't care. I was sick, didn't eat for most of the time I was in Vegas, didn't gamble, basically laid around for 4 days.. but I made it to this event. I made it to my moment. 

I will say though, right before getting into the car to head to the event.. I looked pretty good, if I say so myself. Take a look at the 1 and only photo I look decent in the entire 4 day trip we were there. 

Outfit Details:
Necklace: Jewels For Hope  Pants: Charlotte Russe Top: Forever 21 

Have you ever been to a lantern festival? Did you feel it was as special as I believe? Did you have your own personal Tangled moment?

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