Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi, my name is Stevie and I have a gambling addiction.

That statement really, says it all. I went to the casino this weekend. BAD DECISION. I dropped $240. Of course I went the same day my automatic payment for my loan comes out of my checking account- why wouldn't it be the EXACT SAME DAY! Yea, so down $240 at the casino. It was a mess. My boyfriend, literally had to drag me away from the slots. Not my proudest moment in the relationship. Well, to be honest, I think what is worst is that I offered to do some of his favorite things for him, if he would spot me $20 more dollars and let me stay 10 minutes longer. THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS ROCK BOTTOM.

Now, this picture was taken about a year ago, but the result is the same from this past weekend. SAD FACE.

Before going to the casino I made my mother make me a ring for good luck. It had a topaz crystal in it which is supposed to bring money and luck. I must say, it was working for awhile. Until I got greedy and lost it all!

I think I now admit I have a problem. It hit me earlier on in the day, before even getting to the casino. I have fake nails on. I love them, adore them, need to have them on. Well, 2 of my nails fell off on Saturday. I was WAY overdue for getting a fill. Well, instead of going to get my nails done on Sunday morning, I wanted to save the $15 to gamble. I walked around with 2 missing nails, one on each hand, and didn't even care. THAT, TO ME, IS SCARY. I knew then and there that I had an issue.

The one bonus of the night was that my boyfriend won a couple hundred. I told him he should spend it on me. I think that's fair. Don't you? I deserve it. I'm not talking about buying me diamonds or something crazy like that. Just dinner. Perfectly reasonable.

Addictions can be a horrible thing. Well, some addictions. I don't feel all addictions are that bad. My addiction to coffee has gotten me through my fair share of rough mornings. My mother's addiction to making jewelry (yes, I say it's an addiction since she HAS to do it daily) has made a company from nothing. Addiction isn't always bad. Granted, an addiction that makes your boyfriend have to drag you out of a casino- not great. But, I think I've discussed that enough for one post.

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