Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family. Mine, in particular!

Today we’ll talk about my mother. Oh, the things I could say about her, ha ha. She is an extraordinary woman. Now, I know I know, most people always say that about their own mothers. But mine is kind of unique. She cackles like a freaking banshee for starters. She lives in plaid shirts and paint stained shorts. She’s a worker. Every random person comes up and talks to her… not just for a minute or so; you know, small talk about the weather? No. none of that. People come up to her and tell her their life stories. That’s my mother.

I remember a couple years ago… we always go on vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. We love it there. It has the great boardwalk and the beach right there! ah, love at first site! Well… a couple of years ago we were walking on the boardwalk. A nice family bonding moment. And someone, OF COURSE, comes up and starts talking to my mother. She’s a young woman, probably mid 20’s, here from Russia to work for the summer. Well, she commented on my mother’s purse and how much she loved it. My mother talked to her for about 20 minutes. We walked back down the boardwalk to our hotel and stayed in for the night. Well, the next day my mother cleaned out the purse and walked back down the boardwalk.. She found that girl and handed her the purse. My mother's response... “she needed it more then me”.

That really is the best description of my mother. She’s loud. Happy. Generous. She literally would give the clothes off her back to someone who needed them. Trust me, she isn’t a saint but then again, who really is?

Well, the past couple of weeks she’s been sick. I feel horrible for her. I wish there was more I could do. The new meds she’s on are not working well for her. Even sick though, she still manages to sit up for hours making jewelry. Below is some of the stuff from this week. AMAZING, right? I can’t get over it. Then again, I am sort of biased on this seeing as how she IS my mother!

I know I have a very different dynamic in my house then most people do within their own. My family is completely nuts. We are so dysfunctional but in that perfectly sane way. Music is always playing. No ifs ands or buts about it. We can’t have silence, it just isn’t us. Our house is always full of kids running around. We scream. We dance in the kitchen. We live.

I feel bad for some families who don’t experience a little fun. You haveta let loose, don’t always live in such a cookie cutter world. I will say, some people/families like living like that. Never having music playing, never shouting, always having things in their proper place. My father’s family is like that. They hate coming over our house. It’s always “too loud” for them.

Maybe my family is a little too loud for most people. Maybe just a little too crazy. But hell, I’d rather live in a crazy, messed up world, than be bored for the rest of my life. What do you think?

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  1. Your Mother sounds great! :-) and I like the sound of your house too. . . fun!