Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A simple THANK YOU would be kind.

What happened to manners? Somewhere along the way they got trampled on the side of the road along with courtesy and kindness. Ever feel that way? I am just shocked at the way this world is sometimes, that I feel an entire post should be dedicated to this. Aren't you lucky!

Just simply saying "thank you" to someone, before cutting them off on a turn may make it a little bit easier to swallow. Or holding the door open for someone. ANYTHING. Just show some sort of kindness to prove you're actually a decent human being.

Let me tell you ahead of time, I'm the worlds biggest clutz. I drop everything, trip over my own two feet, and then laugh hysterically (most likely while dropping something else). The other day, in a frantic mess while running into work (god forbid I punch in 30 seconds late) I am fumbling with my lunch box (yes, I said lunch box), umbrella, coffee, purse, and key into the building. So, of course- my umbrella is closed by this point- I go to open the door to the building. My umbrella springs to life and while I try my freaking hardest to close it, the metal rod pokes a hole into my coffee cup (pause for laughter).

Coffee is the only thing that gets me through the day. I was not giving up THAT easily! I manage my belongings, still standing outside the building, and figure a way to hold everything while slanting the coffee cup so coffee doesn't go everywhere. I run into the office, run to the water cooler to get a cup, and what happens you ask? Coffee goes everywhere. I was able to save one tiny Styrofoam cup full (which really was just the biggest tease ever) but at least I was able to save some of it.

Well, wouldn't you know- other people come into work at this time too? Who would have thought! They see me, hands and knees on the floor trying to scoop up as much coffee as humanly possible with a broken Styrofoam cup. You would think someone would say "need some help?". NOPE. 1 person out of 5 who CLIMBED OVER ME asked me if I needed help. ONE. PERSON. 5 other freakin people CLIMBED OVER ME to get to their desk. LAUGHING. I was FURIOUS. Granted, I didn't need their help- I'm a big girl, and know how to clean up my mess alone. But really, would it have killed them to ask?

Courtesy, kindness, and manners are dead. They are squashed into the ground. That saddens me. Granted, I'm not the nicest person in the world. When someone cuts me off I sure as hell scream curse words at the top of my lungs while giving them the evil eye as they drive off. But if I saw someone, struggling, hands and knees on the floor scooping up coffee- I would offer to help. I would still laugh, but hell, I would get on my knees and scoop with them.


  1. So, what was in that lunch box? I am just kidding!

    Manners? What manners? People don't do manners anymore, a) Too busy for that,.. b) It is cool to be rude.

    Ps. That image of you on the floor, trying to scoop up spilled coffee, HILLARIOUS! But as a true addict, I get it..

  2. ha ha, my lunchable and juice box were in the lunch box, obviously! :)

    yea, the image of me on the floor was just great. I kinda wish one of the people who stepped over me took a snapshot so at least I could laugh about it later lol