Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today is a rough day.

So.. no fashion writing today. No happy blogging. At the moment, I'm just mad as hell. I don't work a glamorous job, but I put in 110% almost every day (yes, almost- there are those days where I just want to sit and do nothing!).

Well, I am sick and tired of men thinking they can step all over me. Honestly, all of the men at my job continually treat me like crap. There are tons of high powered women who work with me, so I'm not sure if they are treating me like a doormat because I'm a woman, or because I am not as "high up" in the office food chain as they are. Either way, enough is enough.

Even though this job isn't my dream job, I put my best into this. I do an insane amount of work, and sometimes I just want to scream from the stress (as most people in their jobs. This is normal.) If I have one more man refuse to answer me for days, I might just go into their office and say "HI, I'M THE WOMAN YOU HAVE BEEN AVOIDING FOR 3 DAYS.. CAN YOU ANSWER MY FREAKIN EMAIL?".

That probably won't go over well... WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Luckily I have Friday off this week to make my sister's birthday cake. That will give me a little time to de-stress. One more day is all I have to keep saying. But after that, every day I'm going to keep saying, just one more day. How many day's do I have to wait for them to take me seriously?

This picture sums everything up for me at least. Thanks for listening to me vent for a bit. Here are some more funny cartoons... they brightened my day up a bit!


  1. I'm sorry about your work situation. Enjoy the time away from work and do not spend one single minute of your off time thinking about the jerks at work.

  2. Ah, office/work politics! What always work for me is refusing to become a victim or a slave, standing my ground, and absolutely refusing to lower myself to their level,.. and always remain and say NO with a fabulous smile.

    Strongs! Hope it will improve soon!

  3. Hey! I have something for you on my blog. Check it out!