Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry for the delay!!!

It's been a couple of days... a LONG couple of days. As you all know, I had a busy weekend ahead of me- 3 birthdays, 3 days. Well.. of course I would get sick during that time! Why wouldn't it turn out that way?

Well, before the sickness took hold of me late Saturday night, I was able to make my sisters birthday cake! I'm not thrilled with the way it came out, but it somewhat resembles a zebra so I'm happy with it :)

Isn't it cute! The image is a tad blurry, but it's the best my little phone can manage.
This took me a good 3 hours to make/design. My sister was sitting there the whole time laughing at me. She's lucky I didn't throw it in her face ha ha. But it went over very well at the party on Sunday, thank you very much.

On to bigger and better things. THE SUN WAS SHINING TODAY! Finally! I am just sick of this cold, snowy weather. Of course, I've been stuck in my cubicle for the past 7 hours so I couldn't technically enjoy this great weather- but I guess I can't win them all.

When logging on today I was very happy to see another blogger mention my blog on her page! I was actually honored. She is an amazingly Fabulous Bitch who writes what she wants, when she wants it. I love it!

All of my life my mother always told me to "stand up for myself" to "be a bitch" (like my sisters, ha!); I try, I really do. But most of the time, pushover central is where I stay. I'm not a fan of confrontation. The Fabulous Bitch really speaks up and is passionate about what she believes in. I give her tons of credit.

Every now and then I get my "bitchy" moments (1 week out of the month that is).. but most of the time its only given to those special people, my family. Whenever I do actually get up the nerve to speak up for myself (not within my family) its a momentous occasion- usually rewarded by a nice night of drinking...

One day... One day, I'll show my mother what an amazing bitch I can be. Until then... the sun is shining and I'm smiling!


  1. The cake looks great! What kind of cake was it?

    My husband came home a couple of weeks ago and he said, "I bought you a book. It reminded me of you."

    The title of the book: "Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women." Gotta love the man.

  2. aw thank you! the cake is actually just made from a box- ha ha.

    Ah, that is really funny about the book your husband bought you.

  3. Ah! You are welcome. And you deserve it. Love the cake! You have skills. Box or no box!