Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bloomy's always has the best stuff

So. It is a gorgeous gorgeous day out in CT. High 80's.. sun is shining... and guess where I am? In my cube, that's right!

Well.. while looking through blogs (which is the best part of the day for me between the hours of 12-8) I found this great contest on AmandaBeth's blog! Go to Bloomingdale's website and create your own "Go Green" bag. The prizes are fantastic going from $100-$2,000! And, along with all of that- it's fun to design your own bag!!!! Check out mine below!

Going Green with a Twist of Lime: "

Going Green with a Twist of Lime is a fun way to attract attention and try and get people to Go Green."

Of course I would do something including a pretty green cocktail! But Hey! It's Wednesday! Halfway through the week I'm pretty sure I deserve a pretty little drink like that.

There is a lot of really nice designs on there- go make your bag and vote! This is running from April 7th- 25th ...And everyone should be a little more environmentally friendly these days, so this is a great way to get people involved! Who wouldn't like to win money for designing a bag over the internet?

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