Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tell Me! Tell Me! Tell Me!

So, I’m going to follow suit from The Fabulous Bitch and answer the question…. “Why do you blog?”

I started blogging, really, for the wrong reason. Well, not technically wrong- but different. I started blogging to try and get mine and my mothers company’s name out. This is something that hits home for my mother. She started the company since she couldn’t really leave the house when she was taking care of my grandmother. She had to stay home. And this was how she passed her time. She put her heart and soul into this company and I wanted to do my part and get the name out there for others to see.

I don’t feel that that is such a horrible reason to start blogging, right? I wanted to help my mother. Well, over the past month or so (because we all know I haven’t been blogging that long) I really got involved in blogging. I absolutely love it. As previously stated I am sooo that person with an addictive personality- so of course once I got into blogging, I would get addicted to it. Not surprised one bit.

Most of my friends think I’m “weird” for blogging. They just don’t get the freedom of it. To just rant and rave one day or to just share with the world. Granted, I only have 10 followers so I wouldn’t necessarily say “the world” yet… but you get the idea. I just love this. And then to look on other people’s blogs and see what they are passionate about, or what they are going through right now. It’s amazing. I can’t imagine myself not blogging now.

And besides… when I blog- I get to discuss whatever the hell I want to talk about!! My friends who call me weird for blogging---- when do they just get to talk about whatever they want? When talking face to face to friends, topics change constantly. Something one person is passionate about, the other people in the group may hate. Blogging- I can write about what I want, when I want to. And if someone doesn’t like it- they can go to a different website- no harm done- doesn’t bother me at all. Simple as that. No struggling to retake control of the convo. I love it. Don’t you?

So tell me… why do you blog?


  1. That's a fine reason for starting a blog, nothing wrong with that at all. And how great that you found out you love it so much! :)

    I started my blog as a warehouse for my recipes. Family and friends kept asking me for my recipe and I got sick of typing them up and emailing them again and again. So I started a blog.

    I had no idea that people I didn't know would want to read it ... that's all a bonus! :)

  2. I think your reason for starting a blog was a great one! plus, look where you are now, sometimes things start out for one reason and then you discover other reasons to love it too!

    I can really understand why you love blogging so much, after all I have got 6 blogs!! I can rival you for addictive personality. :-)

    I started the first one for somewhere to put my writing, then it grew! I have so many blogs, as I talk about different things on each one - sort of one for each part of my personality! lol

    One of the things I like best about blogging is meeting so many great people from all over the world (you included) and getting a glimpse into their life and world.

    Lots of people I know don't 'get' blogging either - that because they don't do it!! :-)

    I love it and can tell you do too - so keep on blogging! :-)