Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So. It’s been awhile again. Wow, I cannot believe that I’ve been so busy lately. And I feel like I haven’t really done much to show for it!

You will all be glad to know that the sickness is officially over- as of Sunday! Thank God! I was a freaking mess the past couple days. The upside is the 4 lb weight loss. Let’s see if that keeps up ha ha.

So, today I feel like just talking. No specific topic, no one direction. Just talking. So pull up a chair, some popcorn, relax, and let’s chat *well, maybe I won’t be able to do the popcorn or relax portion since “technically” I am at work... but you get the idea*

My mother and I have a jewelry show coming up in a couple weeks. I’m actually really excited about it. For my mother’s birthday I bought her a poster I made from snapfish to hang up at the craft fair we’re participating in. It is freaking adorable! I love it! It *hopefully* will bring people to our table to look at the goods 

I honestly just like hanging out with my family during these shows. I don’t expect too much. My family is such a loud bunch that people usually flock over to us anyway- just to see what the commotion is ha ha. I’ll let you all know how it goes. Its April 17th so it’s still a ways away.

So summer is right around the corner, and I cannot believe it is already here! The weather here in CT has been freaking amazing lately. I got a smidge burnt this weekend, but it was definitely worth it. I sat out on my deck reading two of my favorite books. Jemima J by Jane Green and Such a Pretty Fat by Jennifer Lancaster.

My two favorite authors. I love love love their work! I probably have read their books a hundred times each. I have a sick obsession with reading. When I was younger and all the kids were outside playing in the “fort” I used to get yelled at to go get some exercise since I was huddled up in the house for hours just reading. To this day I choose reading over exercise (obviously! Ha ha).

If you ever get the chance to read either author’s work, DO IT. Easy reads that are hysterical. I sound like an advertisement for them, but I’m okay with that- their work is that good.

Anyone have any good suggestions for books that may catch my interest? I love learning about new authors and reading new books. I can't go into Barnes and Nobles for a "quick trip". I have to take hours and go through every book to see which one I want most. I usually find about 10 or more that I want to buy. But, since I'm not Miss Money Bags I have to narrow my selection down to 1. Sad, I know.. but ya do what ya gotta do!

Ah, now I'm sitting here thinking about what to read next. I should have never started this topic ha ha. Seeing as how I still have about 7 hours left of the work day and won't be able to crack open another book until 8:30/9:00 tonight. Fingers crossed the day flies by.

Well, This is all for now. Maybe if the mood strikes later on I'll write about something completely different. Who knows.. I'm in one of those weird moods at the moment :)


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  2. sorry about that deletion, it posted twice for some reason. Blogger is acting weird today, I've noticed.

  3. I'm glad I finally know someone who has read this book! I tell all my friends about Jennifer Lancaster and her books but none of them have read them! This makes me feel better that someone else I know actually loved the book too!

  4. Glad you are feeling better! :-)