Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All About Dad.... And The Yankees.

Today I am technically giving my father his father's day gift. Yes, it is a tad bit late- but I think it's totally worth the wait.

You may ask, how did I get him a gift seeing as how I have $7.00 in my bank account and I am unemployed. Well, I won FREE. YANKEES. SUITE. TICKETS.

Yes, you read that correctly. My father and I are going to the Yankee Game tonight! I entered him into the Lord & Taylor "Take Dad Out To The BallGame" Contest and he actually was one of the 8 winners! I couldn't believe it. What a perfect Father's Day gift!

The last time my father was at a Yankee Game- it was probably close to 10-12 years ago. He took my grandfather. They LOVED IT! Even though that was such a long time ago, I remember it clearly. I'm happy I can be able to take my father to a game like he did his. I hope we have fun. I've never been in a Yankee Suite before. EVER. So this should be an experience.

Keep your fingers crossed it is not horrible weather tonight. We are actually supposed to get thunderstorms tonight. I will be so mad if it is a long rain delay haha. Oh well. It happens, right? :)

I hope all of you have an amazing day! I know we will! <3

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  1. that was a grat father's day story and i know you had an awesome time with your dad. I hope you took pics and can tell us all how it went tomorrow!