Monday, June 27, 2011

Why, thank you CongressWoman!

My house is a little crazy. We are an extremely loud family, we joke around A LOT, and there will always be a sarcastic tone coming out of my father or myself at any given moment.

The other day, my mom went out and got the mail like usual. She comes back inside, sorts through it, and startes reading (to herself) a letter.

All of a sudden she yells, "Frank, you have to see this letter a congresswoman sent me!"

Sarcasticly, my father replies "right, a "congress woman" sent YOU a letter? YOU SPECIFICALLY".

My mother startes to read " Dear Ms. D'Andrea, I recently read the New Haven Register's featured article about you and your business..."


Who would have thought my mother would get a letter from a congresswoman?? She saw the article and wanted to thank my mother (Jewels for Hope) for all of the work she has done. I thought this was SO SWEET! Jewels for Hope has been recognized!

Here is the very kind letter Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro sent...

I am just thrilled that the article in the paper actually brought some recognition to Jewels for Hope. My mother really is a freakin saint and deserves so much! This letter brightened up our day!