Monday, June 13, 2011

A Blog from Blackpool- Beauty Giveaway!

Who wants to enter a great summer giveaway?

Well.. A Blog from Blackpool is having a giveaway to celebrate getting 100 followers! I absolutely love this blog! Danielle, the writer, is a sponsor here at Jewels for Hope! Even though she does sponsor here, I have been following her blog for some time now!

A little bit about the giveaway, since I know you all are dying to know what goodies Danielle is offering!

Here is what Danielle has to say about these great items.....

Urban Decay lipstick in Voodoo because the packaging is so cute with the little dagger on the top and the shade is a deep shimmery red.

Eyeko lip gloss in Mayfair. I got this lip gloss in my surprise gift box and loved it so much (I’ve used about half the tube already) I thought I’d get one to share with you.

TWO- W7 glitter nail varnishes. These are my favourite glitter polishes and they seem to only be available in limited colours online via Amazon. I am giving two away, Green dazzle and Cosmic mauve.

Personally, I love anything with glitter. I would head on over and enter her giveaway! Feel free to browse around her blog too! 

Here are some things I've learned about Danielle that I absolutely love her for:

1. She is obsessed with fake eyelashes. Hello, Glamour!!
2. She spray tans. I have been super nervous to try that and I saw a blog posting she did on it (somewhat) recently. Now, I may actually get the balls to try it once I get some income :)
3. Danielle loves tattoos. A girl after my own heart! Tattoos=love in my book!

Um, please notice her amazing zebra print toes!

4. Danielle loves funky nailpolish.

So you can see why I follow her blog. She pretty much rocks.

Want to stay up to date with Danielle? Follow her on twitter @_dani_elle
Go on over to A Blog from Blackpool and show Danielle some love! And feel free to enter her great giveaway. Like I said, anything glitter is pretty much amazing in my book! And if it's free? Please, it really can't get any better then that! Go Enter!!!! :)



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