Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flowery Fun with @KoloheGurlJewel

I love Kolohe Gurl Jewelry.

My friend Renee creates these gorgeous, simple, elegant jewels that are simply stunning. Her work is just flawless in my eyes.

I absolutely LOVE her ankle cuffs. I think they are so unique and think they are perfect for the summer.

Yes, I know it isn't summer right now.. but I'm sick of the cold. I want to think of the gorgeous summer months... warmth, sun. ah.

Okay.. so Renee also has jewelry perfect for all year round. Her arm cuffs are just as fabulous as her ankle cuffs.

Single Plumeria Cuff Bangle (Freshwater Black Pearl)

Perfect gift for the summer lover in us all. These make me smile during the cold winter months... jewelry always brightens someones day! With the holidays right around the corner, hope you all put this on your wish list! Here's Kolohe Gurl's website so you could look around at Renee's awesome work!

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