Monday, December 3, 2012

Tie Dye Today with @Shannastiedye

Tie Dying is ridiculously awesome in my book.

I have dabbled in Tie Dying just for fun- and I wish I could do it and actually make fun designs like Shanna. When I tie dye it tends to just get all over the place- and not in any design....

Shanna's Tie Dye is the complete opposite of my tie dying ways. Hers looks awesome LOL.

4th of July Parade dress

Ready to ship 2T tie dye heart sun dress

How pretty is that?

I think her work is just gorgeous to look at. I love the color combinations she puts together. They make me smile. It just looks "happy". If that makes any sense to you? It does to me, I swear.

Her work is perfect for kids- adults - everyone really.

Go check out her shop for more awesome Tie Dye work!

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