Thursday, January 16, 2014

#GBKpreGLOBES Gift Lounge Day 1 with @TheArtisanGroup

Friday 01/10/13:

Today is the day of the Golden Globes Gift Lounge. I am lucky enough to be in California with The Artisan Group (TAG) representing the fabulous handcrafted members, showing off their products to celebs and members of the press!

I woke up in my heavenly hotel suite and got ready for the day...

Little black dress ready. Shoes that are not broken. And of course, I had some Jewels For Hope bedazzled jewels on the my mother made special for this event....

Now that I'm ready for the day to start, we head to the rooftop, where the celebrity gift lounge is taking place.

TAG's exhibit has 24 displays set up ranging from bath and body products, jewelry, fine art photography and much more. Everything is so well crafted I was in awe the whole time I was looking through everything. 

The whole gift lounge was buzzing with energy while we wait patiently for the first celebs and press to come walking through. 

The whole day went by in a fast blur. We had roughly 40 celebrities come through on Friday and loads of press people stopping by our table. I was up, on my feet, schmoozing away all day. It was amazing. I love absolutely every minute of it. 

Some of my favorite moments from Day 1: 

Willie Garson called me skinny
Willie Garson Picture

Yes, you read that correctly. Willie Garson, known for his roles as Stanford in Sex and The City and Mozzie on White Collar, called me "petite". I ran up to him screaming "I a such a big fan of yours!" His response? "You're not a big fan, you're so tiny, very petite. I've seen much bigger fans then you"

He will forever have my heart after that line. Forever.

Kirsten Nelson sprayed dry oil on me.
Kirsten Nelson Picture

Kirsten Nelson, from Psych was such a sweet woman, and of course as soon as she goes to spray some dry oil from one of our members ( La Maison Du Papillon), it goes all over me! It was hysterical! The dry oil actually made my skin feel very soft, so I was laughing about it and Kirsten was apologetic. She was so sweet she tweeted me about it after!

Along with those shining moments, I met some amazing celebs that I love on my favorite shows.. to name a few.. Anthony Anderson,  Tony Denison (from The Closer & Major Crimes!),  Holly Robinson Pete, Khandi Alexander (from Scandal!!... I actually have a photo with her from The Oscars Gift Lounge last year!),  Mark Feurstein and many many more lovely celebs!

The day lasted from 10am until 7pm. I did a ton of interviews and schmoozed with the celebs all day. After the day was coming to an end, our sweet photographer brought us over some yummy drinks.

It was a great day- but a long day! I was happy to sit down, have a drink, eat dinner and go to sleep. Had to get ready for day 2 of the gift lounge! 

Stay tuned for my post on Day 2 of the gift lounge!!


  1. IM in love with that special necklace your mother made, it's perfect for the occasion! Sounds like you really had a blast rubbing elbows!

  2. I love the necklace! And it sounds like you had lots of fun!

  3. The necklace and bracelet are divine. Hope you have some shots of that for the lucky fashionista who gets to do your giveaway this year to brag about. Can't wait to hear about the shoes. Tuning in tormorrow!

  4. You look so gorgeous! And Mr. Garson is right. You are a tiny thing.

  5. Beautiful necklace! Sounds like you had a real blast.

  6. WOW - that sounds like you had awesome time. Somehow I felt like this that event is anything but fun. I know, silly me