Wednesday, January 15, 2014

La La Land, Part 2

So, I left off on my last post finishing up the setup for The Golden Globes Gift Lounge and finally relaxing that night......

Thursday 01/09/14:

The Artisan Group (TAG) dinner time. I love going to California and hanging out with TAG members before the event. It is so nice to meet and talk to people in person, after interacting with them online for so long.

So, after the drink in the hotel bar after setup, I head to my room and relax. I put on some tunes, lay in bed and just feel amazing. I love this place. I finally had to get up and start getting ready.

For the dinner, I got all fancy schmancy'd up and was ready to go.

I love this outfit. This was my first time wearing it and I felt so great in it... You know what I'm talking about; a hot outfit can make you feel like a different person. You walk with your head held high, a pep in your step, and so much confidence it radiates off of you... I felt like a million bucks! Or at least I did when I took this picture. Later on in the night is a completely different story... but you'll find out why later in the post.

We had a lovely time out that night. Drinks, food, great conversation and amazing people!

I look like a demon took over my body for the photo, but I swear it was just the flash of my phone! 

These women are all so sweet and it was an absolute pleasure to spend a night out with them. I wish I can spend more time out there with them... hmm maybe one day.

After the evening out with the girls Valerie and I went back to the hotel bar. You know how I said I was feeling so great in my outfit? That went right out the window once this happened...

See that right there? That is a broken Manolo. Yep,a broken Manolo Blahnik. I thought that was the worst of it. Until about 20 minutes later when the OTHER shoe broke. BOTH SHOES. BROKEN. MANOLOS. I kept saying that over and over in my head, thinking "this can't be real". These shoes are as much as a month's rent for me.. and both of them break in one night. Talk about embarrassing

Welcome to my life. It's a good thing I am used to this sort of stuff happening to me-- I laughed and called it a night. Went straight to my nice comfy bed and said goodbye to these gorgeous shoes. I needed a goodnight's sleep to prepare for The Golden Globes Gift Lounge the next day!

Stay tuned for more!

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