Saturday, January 18, 2014

#GBKpreGlobes with #TheArtisanGroup Day 2

Day 2: Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Day 1 of the gift lounge with The Artisan Group (TAG) went amazingly! It was so fast paced and full of fun- I loved every minute of it and was completely prepared for day 2. I wasn't nearly as afraid this gift lounge, compared to last year. I felt confident and ready to take on the day.

Valerie and I were ready to go once the gift lounge started.

Don't we look pretty!? If I say so myself, I mean :)

I had an amazing day. I met some pretty awesome actors/actresses from my favorite shows. Matthew Moy from 2 Broke Girls was so sweet to me! He gave me two big hugs and was just the nicest guy. I am a sucker for that show so when I saw him walking through the door I got very excited!!

The day was again, a blur. We had to get a celebrity photo with each product on the table. As much fun as the gift lounge was, it was definitely work.

I wish I had a videographer taping me the entire time so I could remember each and every little thing from the gift lounge. My memory is so shot, I will never remember it all.

Some other fun celebs I met?

Rebecca Fields from The Client List. 
Rebecca Field Picture

She was SO nice-- told me I was beautiful. Which was so sweet of her to say!! I got all flustered near her bc she was amazing on that show, I loved her on it!

Tamala Jones from Castle. 
Tamala Jones Picture

She came up to me and gave me a big hug when I told her I was a big fan! She was stunning! Absolutely stunning. Wearing a gorgeous pair of Louboutins and all bedazzled wearing a lot of jewelry. She loved all the handmade items, and at the end she gave me another big hug goodbye. So sweet!

Omid Abtahi from Argo loved my necklace!

Omid Abtahi Picture
Omid was probably one of the biggest supporters of handmade I met at the gift lounge. He was so utterly impressed with the handcrafted pieces he was in awe. He kept repeatedly thanking me for doing this and for bringing handcrafted items to this gift lounge. He asked me about my necklace I had on and said he absolutely loved it (he was so sweet!!).

GBK really does a great job of having a wide range of celebs go through their gift lounge.

I met so many amazing people, it was a pleasure to be out there representing TAG.

I loved every minute of it.

After the last celebrity left, we packed up the whole display, individually wrapping each display piece to send back to the artist. It took about 1-2 hours to get everything packed up and ready to go. From there, we had dinner and I took the longest bath known to man. It was amazing and the perfect ending to my time in California.

The next morning was a sad one, since of course I didn't want to go back to cold, snowy Connecticut. I wanted to stay in California, and keep having my breakfasts outside like I was enjoying the day of my flight.

Ending my trip with one last bathroom selfie, because really- you need bathroom selfies, especially when you're in a gorgeous LA hotel bathroom.

Thanks for following along on my trip! Hopefully I'll be out there many more times!

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