Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Freelance Work, Here I Come!

We all know I am unemployed still. I am selling off my dearly beloved accessories and clothes I know I won't be wearing anytime soon- We know I need cash.


this restauant is amazing- has nothing to do with this post but when I think of "party" I think of this place in NYC.

I am super excited about this. My mother's friend knew someone who just recently purchased a deli. They want a brand new Menu/Labels/Business Cards. They don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get a graphic designer or a "major company" to do this for her. So I had a meeting with her on Friday and she decided to go with me to do this work! YES.  **jumps up and does a happy dance***

Any sort of income really makes me happy ha ha. And the woman who owns the deli is SO. FREAKING. SWEET. I don't feel nervous around her at all- which is amazing because I usually get very tongue tied when talking work with new people.

I am working on the menu as we speak and think it is coming along beautifully! She wants it to be really rustic Italian looking. Which is right up my alley because I love that look. And I definitely know the "Italian look" ha ha

This is the perfect opportunity for me. This will give me a great starting point to possibly see if I can get more work like this. I mean, since I can't find a "corporate" job or even a retail job anywhere right now- at least this might be able to cover my bills for a month or so if I get enough jobs out of it? I like being my own boss anyway lol Hell, who doesn't?

It's a brand new day for me and I feel amazing about it. I love new challeneges- and at least this will keep me busy for a couple days ha ha.

Once I actually submit a design or something to her and she likes it and goes forward with it, I'll give you all some great pictures of it :)

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