Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Zone Diet- Week One Completed!

So, today is the official first week I have completely the Zone Diet. The week actually flew by! I have been super busy so I haven't had time to work out as much as I'd like- but I was able to hit up the gym 2-3 times this week. With that said, I am pretty freaking proud of my weight loss so far. Are you ready for it?

Starting Weight- May 13th: 203.5
Week One- May 18th: 199.5

I lost 4lbs this week! Yay!!! I am not doing my measurements this week since I don't think that has changed at all yet. But the good thing about all of this? My amazing fiance bought me one more week of the Zone! Since he knew I couldn't afford it myself. I thought that was SO sweet of him. So I will be able to be on this for 3 weeks- which is an amazing opportunity! So all of you lovely readers will get an extra week of posts out of me about this ha ha. On my final weigh in I will take my measurements again- fingers crossed it possibly shows a difference? We'll see. I'll be 'gym-ing' it up more this week so I hope my measurements start to change- even if it's very slowly. Slow and steady wins the race I always say! I am trying to get healthy again which I know won't happen overnight. So I am fine with doing this slowly- as long as it is the right way!

So, a little bit about my weekly food? With the Zone- I actually feel full all the time. I am extremely pleased with the food! I have tried so many different diets that I am surprised that I don't feel hungry on this one. And my favorite part of it? They have awesome chocolate chip cookies. yum. I'm a sucker for chocolate. Granted it's not like biting into a Hershey bar- but it'll do for now lol I can see myself doing well on this one. So wish me luck!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

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