Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jewels for Hope will be in the New Haven Register Monday!!


AH, I am so excited. This was the big news I was talking about earlier in the week. Can you believe it? Jewels for Hope is going to be in the paper! Omg, I am so excited. My mother and I have been cleaning the house like crazy people for the last two days. I found out on Monday that they were coming to the house to see our jewelry, see how we work, etc. Um, they also filmed us! THEY. FILMED. US. We are going to be shown in a video on their website.
I am still in shock over this. They left a couple hours ago and I am still shaking. I am so not good in front of the camera- I am definitely a behind the scenes kinda gal. So this really was difficult for me. But I smiled pretty and tried not to stutter. I think I did semi-decent.... but then again- I haven't seen the pictures or the footage yet ha ha.

Once I found out that they were going to film us, no joke, I almost peed myself. I couldn't believe. it. This is HUGE for us. I am so excited. I have been contacting publications for months now, and this is finally our big break. We can now say we were interviewed. And this really couldn't come at a better time- Hospice has been having some difficult times recently- money wise. They are unsure about finding funding- which is definitely not a good thing. If we get our company out there- maybe people will buy more items and then we can donate more to Hospice. It is such a great organization and they can use every dime we can give them.

So this was my big and exciting news the other day- don't you think this is big? I think this is big. I just want to help my mom out the most I could. She is so amazing and since I can't afford to buy her anything nice- this is my way of giving her a gift... getting us into stores and publications. That's a nice gift, right? Hell, if I had money I still don't think anything can compare to this. She is getting a free PR person outta this. well.. that is until Jewels for Hope makes it big- in which case I plan on taking all the money I could from that ha ha. I mean, I do have student loans and such! And since I won't be finished paying those for 10 years- I could use an income :)

Be sure to check back here on Monday- or even before that- because once I get the link to the video online- I will surely be posting it here! Even if I do look ridiculous on it ha ha.

Now, I must run. I am still jittery from all of this excitement- I should try and do something productive like clean my room or something... especially since I threw everything in here to tidy up the rest of the house before they came to do the shooting ha ha

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  1. Congratulations!! So cool! :)

    Hopping though from TTT... and a new GFC follower!

  2. oh I love this! Fab pics x