Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stuff I'm Selling on Ebay!

Today I am a mess ha ha. Last night we had a bit of an issue and I had to go to my cousin's house and hang out there for a bit. So today I am exhausted. I was expecting a nice relaxing night in with the fiance since he didn't have to work this morning- but, shit happens. So today I don't have much to write about since ALLL I have done today is make some new cards ha ha. Not a very productive day, but- everyone has one of those days, right? RIGHT!

So... since I haven't done anything really today worth discussing- I'm showing you some great items I have listed on ebay right now ha ha. I will be posting more and more over the next couple of days- because yes, I need money and I am now selling off my stuff ha ha. Gotta pay the bills some how, right?

Here are some goods:

Never Been Used Rioni Signature Baby Evening Bag:

Never Been Worn Baker's Black & Gold Shoes:

Never Been Worn Silver/Gray/Black Metallic Pumps:


Feel free to ask me any questions on the items! I'll be selling tons more (hopefully) within the next day or so- so keep checking back! :)

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