Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crazy, Hectic Week!

Sorry I haven't been around much! Now that I am home from vacation I actually realized how much work I have to do. I was crazy to go away for two weeks (even though it was glorious!).

Starting from August 20th- October 1st we have a craft fair almost every weekend.

August 20th: Milford Oyster Festival
August 28th (day after my birthday!)- Easton Jazz Festival
Sept 4th: St Jude's Fair
Sept 24th: Southbury Women's Arts Festival

The two weeks off in between are 1. A joint birthday party for myself and my three good friends. and 2. A family reunion for my father's side of the family.

And as of TONIGHT, we just got a gigantic order for a bridal party- we need to have 16 pieces completed by first week of October.

Um, this is all amazing but- wow, a TON of work! I am really having high hopes here that everything runs smoothly.

So far this week mymother and I have been designing our table displays, making labels, making signs, pricing all items, taking inventory, and organizing boxes. Along with all of this we *officially* bought our own website so I am trying to design it so it isn't just a blank error page.

Ever have one of those weeks? haha.

And with all of this- we design the table displays- take pictures of how we like it- and pretty much every craft fair we have ever done- WE NEVER USE THE PICTURES TO MAKE THE DISPLAYS THE SAME!
Here are the shots from this time around:

I cut the middle shot out because there's a very special necklace we created for The Oscars and I wasn't quite ready to share it here yet. It's a surprise for another post! <3

Does anyone here do the same thing we do? Get ready for a craft show and take all of these pictures to make sure you remember what to do and then end up never looking at the pics? Am I just crazy? haha.

Well, hopefully we will get everything organized and ready for the next month of craft shows and events.

Wish us luck!


  1. You are so busy! I love craft fairs and I love how you have that displayed!

  2. What lovely pieces. Your stuff would fit in so well with the boutiques in our city. Best of luck getting everything finished.

  3. I just love craft fairs! Beautiful work...can't wait to see your special Oscar piece.

    Around My Family Table

  4. You have some amazing pieces. I wish I was that artsy :). You are really busy, make sure to take some time off too :).