Monday, August 8, 2011

Guest Post; Monica from TG Bears!


I would like to introduce you to TG Bears!!

I'm Monica of TG Bears and I make all the bears myself! The bears are 16 inches tall and have jointed shoulders and hips. The joints as well as the bears’ eyes and noses use safety items, making them child-safe when in their “bare state”. There are bears for all tastes, the classic bear with a ribbon

 You will find romantic bears, bears for causes and even “just so” bears on the site.

Each of the bears can be personalized and I will even work with you to create a custom bear like I did for Mrs Maine International 2011 (look below!!!)
TG Bears works with two children’s charities, Angels4Epilepsy and Henry’s Hope.  Each of these charities have their own mascot bears designed by TG Bears. They can be purchased through the specific charity and are tax deductible. Please visit the Charity Bears page for more information.
As a member of The Artisan Group, TG Bears is very excited to be represented at the 2012 Oscar Gift Lounge. They believe that celebrities would also like handmade, personal teddy bears like everyone else does.

Be sure to pay TG Bears a visit. I am sure that there will be one that will appeal to you!!!!


  1. For a 20% discount on any bear, enter coupon code JewelsForHope#8 at checkout on

  2. Love the bear with the flowers!!!!!!!