Friday, August 12, 2011

The long LONG drive home...

So, I will not be able to post for the next day or so because, it is official.... my vacation is over.

Today is the start of our drive back from Florida to Connecticut. It will be a very very long drive
and I hope it goes by quickly.

I have had the best time on vacation! I will surely post tons of pictures and info about my fabulous journey- especially about the amazing Global Resort Home that I have been living in for the past week.(oh, wait until you see these pics!!!)

So- wish me luck on this long drive home that everything runs smoothly! I'll be in the car with the fiance and the best friend for 24 hours. Oh, God. Help us all!

Have a great couple of days! Will miss you all! xoxo

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  1. You're such a dear and I'm so happy you were able to get away. I hope your driving goes fast for you. Looking forward to pictures!