Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nail Fraud is my New Obsession!

Before being unemployed I used to get my nails done every 2 weeks. It was really the one thing I splurged on constantly because I absolutely love fake nails. I love the way they make my hands look, and I love the colors and how put together I look with them on.

Well, being unemployed has changed that! I have not had my nails done since 2010.

My sisters got their pretty nails done for our vacation- and they look great! I was jealous. But then I remembered.... I had purchase a set of nail sticker things from Nail Fraud, through Save More!

I had actually gotten them for FREE! Because you get a credt when you sign up and I ended up getting these amazing nails for ZERO. DOLLARS.

I was so excited to try them on. I have never heard of Nail Fraud before and was curious to see how these would actually work.

What it is- is you place these "sticker" type things on your nails and press down. Then you shape them up with an emery board.

Here are some FUN designs!

Aren't they adorable?

Well.. I choose (of course) the Zebra Print design. I have had them on for many days now- and they still look nice! Notperfect- but a hell of a lot better then my normal nails! It has chipped a little on the edges but I figure I have been in the ocean and sand everyday so even "fake nails" would have been ruined by now!

Look how fun!

I am extremely happy with my purchase and will recommend Nail Fraud to everyone! My fingers and toes have never looked so good!--yea that's right- I also have the same print on my toes! I love to match! <3