Monday, August 15, 2011

A Fun Souvenir Giveaway!

Fabulous Followers... I have a little surprise treat for you! While on my two week vacation, of course I had to pick up a few goodies to give away to you guys! I wish I could have gotten something for everyone- maybe when (not if!) I become rich and famous I could do that!

For now though, I got a ton of little gifts for one winner to get! These are all souvenir gifts that I thought were adorable!

Some of these items were purchased by me- others I won at Dave & Busters (so much fun! I'll write about that place in another post!), and some of the items I got for free for being amazing( haha!). I have absolutely no idea how much this prize package is worth- let's say it is worth a ton of love! Corny? Maybe. But, it's my blog- I can be as corny as I want.

Now, for the goodies? Don't laugh- I love each and every one of these items! And there may also be some surprise gifts included that I am not mentioning here.....possibly some earrings or a necklace, maybe? I like surprises.

Florida Flip Flop Magnet!

Pretty Purple Sand & Shells in a bottle!

 Donald Duck Pen!

 Flip Flop Picture Holder

 Pretty Princesses Mini Doodles Coloring Set!

Extra Large Bubbles! (Fun!)

A Gigantic Tie! (Look below for my Fiance modeling the tie for us! He wasn't happy to be modeling it hahaha. But I needed a real person to show it off!)
(*Please note, Fiance does not come with tie-
as much as I would love it if that was the case, hahaha kidding!)

A Dave & Buster's Hacky-Sack

Don't Bother Me I'm Crabby Glass

Aren't these some fun gifts? I hope you think so!

For this giveaway, I am having links to all my social media sites as entries, AS WELL AS, helping out the ones I love and the groups I am a part of. Got to help my peeps out (haha, don't worry- I won't say "peeps"ever again. Promise.)

Want to win?

**Only open to U.S.**
**** This giveaway is sponsored by me. Dave & Busters is in no way affiliated with this giveaway. No other company is affilitated with this giveaway. I either won all of these items or purchased them myself. ****

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