Thursday, August 18, 2011

A kind heart and a cute candle.

I love promoting handmade.

Whenever there are giveaway events that I participate in, I love to get sponsors who create handmade items. I know I have said this many many times in the past but it is truly something I am passionate about.

Being able to promote someone's items and bring traffic to their gorgeous pieces, puts a smile on my face.

I have worked with some great sponsors over the past year and it has truly been an honor for me. One of my favorite sponsors was Marcy from Pics, Petals, & Scents.

Marcy creates sweet smelling handmade soaps and candles.I did a review of Marcy's soaps last month and I was amazed that before even opening up the package, the scent was so strong (yet airy) it filled up the space around it! The soaps scents never faded---- and an added bonus was the soaps looked absolutely adorable!

Once I got home from vacation this past week, I had a package from Marcy that I was not expecting! Marcy, being the sweet woman that she is, sent me one of my favorite items from her shop! The Jell-o Candle!

Along with this candle, she sent me two handmade soaps!

I couldn't believe Marcy did this. I immediately emailed her thanking her for her generosity. I also told her that she did such an amazing job making this Jell-o candle look real- my sister came upstairs and grabbed a spoon not knowing it was a candle! That could have ended badly! Thank God my mother stopped her haha.

I have to admit, I don't know when I plan on using the candle because it really does look so beautiful!!! I am dying to use it- but I might wait another week or so because I love the way it looks in my room ha ha. I did in fact use one of the soaps though- and just like her previous soaps it was a strong, airy sent- not too much- but just enough to keep me wanting to breathe it in!

I am so grateful that Marcy sent me these items. Pics, Petals, & Scents has an amazing selection of items that I will recommend to everyone! And along with great quality items, Marcy is a pleasure to work with. When I told her I planned on writing a blog post about these items- she respoded ---that is not why I sent them to you, you don't need to do that. THAT, RIGHT HERE, is one of the special qualities that Marcy posseses. I understood completely that it was not an obligation for me to write this post... but if I can spread the word about this great shop- then I will do whatever I can. As I said earlier- it is a passion of mine to promote handmade items- and it's even better when the shop owner is so nice, ha ha!

I know there has been times in the past where I have purchase an item from a shop and the owner is just rude and not pleasant to deal with. I won't go back to those shops. Good people really make a difference in my opinion- and Marcy is one of the best.

So Marcy- THANK YOU! It has been a great pleasure to work with you!


  1. Oh wow! That jello candle is unbelievable, it looks so real!

    How sweet! I love handmade items too! Headed to check out her shop!

  2. that candle is one of the coolest looking items I've ever's a perfect gift for that person that has everything....

  3. I love the sentiment of your post. While your friend's candles and soaps are beautiful, what makes them special is that she thought of you. It's so refreshing to see that women can support each other because we want each other to succeed. Best of luck to your friend and her business.

  4. Love the jello candle! So cute! Nice review BTW.

  5. I love Marcy's stuff too! Just wanted to let you know though, that the item on the left in Pink Sugar scent is not a soap, it's a wax tart, meant to be melted in a melter :) LOL don't try to wash up with that!

    I have a blog about wax and other stuff I just started!


  6. Holy Cow...I thought that was real jell-o at first. That's amazing that it is actually a candle....but does it smell as good as jell-o tastes?