Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Featured on The #HuffingtonPost #Style Section

The Huffington Post is HUGE.

The fact that I was quoted in the Style Section of The Huffington Post makes me giddy. I cannot believe it!

We were lucky enough to cross paths with The Story Exchange. This awesome website bringing women together. They have a campaign for "1,000 Stories". Bringing women entrepreneurs together to share their story and connect. We, of course jumped at the chance and submitted our story many months ago. We then were contacted by the owners of this fabulous site to resubmit our story for this special campaign. We love being a part of this and think it is great what they are doing to bring women together.

Well, Nusha, the awesome woman who runs The Story Exchange, wanted to quote us for an article she was putting together. I was so happy! I love giving tips about jewelry/fashion so this was right up my alley.

Well, the article Nusha wrote, "Women in Business: Tips on How To Look Stylish and Professional" was picked up by The Huffington Post Style Section! AND I'M QUOTED!!!!

So thankful Nusha asked us to be a part of this. I'm overjoyed to be included and still am a bit shocked to even be writing a blog post right now about me & The Huffington Post Style Section (who would have every thought?).

Hope you get a chance to read the article! It's awesome; and you'll see my name in there!!!!!!!

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  1. YAY! That is sooo cool, I adore you guys keep up the amazing work!! :-)