Monday, November 19, 2012

Need a New Website Design? @sproutwbcrtns

We love our website.

We had Stephanie create this amazing website for us last January.. WOW, almost a year ago! I can't believe it. Our website looked professional, was awesome, just one problem. The hosting company was crap. Our site went down 5+ times a day, for hours at a time. No one could see our beautiful new site our friend Stephanie created for us.

We posted about that on Facebook one night, since we were just so SO tired of our site crashing and the hosting company not doing a damn thing about it.

Stephanie came to our rescue yet again. She found us a new host AND redid our site again for us. She is amazing. She cleaned up everything we messed up within the past year (because yes, my mother and myself have no idea about web creations/designs/anything).

Stephanie owns Sprout Web Creations. She really does do amazing work and such great prices!!! Take a look at our website and how awesome she designed it. It looks clean, fresh, and everything amazing. I wish I could describe it better as to how happy we are with this. This is the best thing ever for us and we are so so appreciative of everything Stephanie has done for us. She is just so talented at what she does.

She specializes in helping Etsy & Artfire shops branching out onto their own (which is what we did!). If you run your own Etsy/Artfire shop and are looking to now get your own website, we DEFINITELY recommend Sprout Web Creations. Great prices. Awesome designs. And Stephanie is just so great to work with!


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